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Queue Management System

Our queue management system provides businesses with an efficient and effective way to manage customer flow and reduce wait times. It can be used in a variety of settings, such as retail stores, government offices, healthcare facilities, banks, airports, and more.

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Queue Management System

Queue management systems are more, than printing tickets, calling clients and gaining statistical data. Queue management systems are mostly used in Telecom, Bank, Insurance, Retail, Health sectors, but many times one can see this solution in ticket offices, car repair shops, school service areas, rental offices etc. But in most cases, where the client turnover is more complex, or management need centralized system. Customer identification is a key point in customer relations, Pro provides various tools to gain basic information of clients, and this data appears on the clerk’s keyboard at calling the client.

Businesses often suggest for the clients to book appointment in order to avoid crowd and timely waiting. Appointment system makes the human resources more effective with calculable schedules for the day. There is optional automatism available in the system, called rule. With the help of the flexible rules, management are informed instantly about extreme events happened in the branch by SMS or by email. Also SMS is used in the system to inform clients about the remaining waiting time. Ticket dispenser is often used as a marketing tool, advertisements can be displayed on its monitor.

Why should a business focus on Queue Management System

The software contains the main system logic of every possible feature and requirement an end user might imagine.

It was developed based on central server architecture. Because of the modern technologies used, the system is robust, scalable and platform-independent. Supports multiple database engines (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, H2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.), all user interfaces are web-based and multilingual. An API interface is provided for integration with 3rd party applications. The system is capable to authenticate the users by LDAP protocol


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Queue management System



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Products we offer

Queue management system providing our customers with a selection of products. Our products are made with a variety of uses in diverse industries in view. These products were made by our skilled team using the best components and production practises to guarantee great performance and reliability.


Q-net Pro Waiting Area Displays


Q-net Pro Counter Displays unit


Q-net Pro Counter Displays unit


Q-net Pro Keyboards equipment

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Some of the benefits of using a QMS include improved customer satisfaction, reduced wait times, increased operational efficiency, better staff management, and more accurate customer data collection.

Yes, QMS solutions can be customized to fit the specific needs of your business, including branding, ticketing options, and reporting capabilities.

Yes, some QMS solutions can be configured to help manage social distancing measures, such as limiting the number of customers in a queue, or providing virtual queue options.